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JUST Ballymun- Mentoring Programme

The Union is looking for past pupils (and others), of any age, to assist in mentoring third level students in conjunction with Jesuit University Support & Training (JUST).  Based in Ballymun, JUST is an initiative designed to contribute to increasing third level educational opportunities for the people in that area.  An important aspect of their work involves engaging with local students in third level education, with a view to assisting them in their studies. 

Mentoring would involve giving time over the college year, starting with an hour a week in person in Ballymun, and then tapering down to less frequent contact, some via e-mail, telephone etc., to assist students who are involved in third level courses related to that of the past pupil graduate (e.g. aside from say a history graduate assisting a history student, a nursing student might benefit from a doctor’s assistance).  What is most important is that the mentor can form a good working and personal relationship with the student.

The needs of JUST in terms of mentors can vary from year to year (JUST gets a clear idea in summer when it knows the courses for which people are accepted) and they would benefit from getting a database of past pupils who were potentially interested, who could then be called on as necessary, if and when an appropriate student in their field came up. Putting your name on the database does not give rise to an obligation to mentor a particular student at any particular time. 

If you think that you might be interested in getting involved, please contact the Union at: union@gonzaga.ie.